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Jul 17, 2011 9:00am EDT
brooks, chief executive who stepped down was taken into custody this morning. it comes the same day as second round of full page ads for rupert murdoch which said news corp. would assist. coming under fire for their close relationships with murdoch. >>> the white house taking heat over a meeting with the dalai lama. they met for 45 minutes yesterday. it reaffirms the president's belief that china should meet with the dalai lama to amend their differences. they asked the u.s. to rescind hours before the meeting with the dalai lama. >>> more meetings expected between the president and congressional republicans in an effort to end the debt limit crisis. there are 16 days until the ceiling is reached. in his weekly internet and radio addresses said higher taxes on the wealthy will raise revenue. republicans were quick to shoot it down saying it's not a tax problem. it's a spending problem. >> the truth is you can't solve our deficit without cutting spending but you can't solve it without asking the weightiest americans to pay their fair share. >> washington has consistently demonstrated
Jul 30, 2011 6:00am EDT
80 degrees. # 81 in fredericksburg. 72 in culpepper. 77 in winchester and toms brooke. hagerstown, mid 70s. not much of a heat index out there just yet. as we go later on in the day, heat indices hovering around 100 degrees. no more than a loansonesome rai drop in the mountains. low to mid-90s in the afternoon. so plenty warm day outside today. and we're so far ahead now, we're going to finish up, we had a very warm june. we're going to put the hottest july in the record books. smashing the old record which we set just last july. and now unless august is considerably colder than average, we already have the hottest summer on washington records in the books. we're so far ahead that if august is even average, it's the hottest summer on record. >> thank you, chuck. >>> well, today cyclists now have a new place to pedal. the first part of the inter-county connector bike path opens today. it runs from needle wood road to emery lane about 2 1/2 miles. eventually the trail will be more than 14 miles long stretching alongside the icc corridor. the highway administration says the trail wil
Jul 17, 2011 6:00am EDT
of the rest of week. ts 633 winchester and tom's brook dow to luray. they're in the six. culpepper, opal, low 60s. upper six to lower 60s suburban, maryland. there are a few clusters of thunderstorms in eastern kentucky. and i think later on today a chance for a few quick passing showers the southern end of the shenandoah value, west virginia. overnight tonight, skies try to clear out once again. the heat really starts to come in tomorrow afternoon. there's a little trough of low pressure that's going to start dropping our way late in the morning. late monday evening, early hours hours, a slight chance of shars. better chance for thunderstorms here in and around the washington area. again, up close and personal on our feature pref on the at 8:00. again, not expecting much, if anything, of a rain chance around here. so for today. plenty of sunshine. no skao fear. mid to aurp 80s. sun and hot. temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90. same story tomorrow. 30% chance of a shower late tomorrow. best chance will be on tuesday. then it gets hot, hotter, hottest around here. highs bordering on 100 d
Jul 31, 2011 6:00am EDT
to the west. petersburg, wesvirginia. 63, charlestown. toms brook, lou ray, 70-degree mark. be on the lookout for that. any showers you can see are way down to our skpougt west. temperatures this afternoon will be climbing into the low and mid-90s with generally sunny sky. headed down to the beach, beach weather mostly in the mid an 80s for today and tomorrow. you can always come to or twist >>> a deal to raise the debt ceiling. the deal isn't close to being finished but it appears the framework is in mays for an agreement. it would cut $3 trillion. oscar velasko montano hasn't been seen. police found his van but no signs of a struggle. >>> american hikers detained in eye rap. fatta and shourd were accused of spying. showered was released last year. those are some of the stories for today. we're back in a few minutes with an update. >> i'm wendy rieger. some statistics for you. unemployment rate for blacks in our country is twice that of whites. their house hold income, 40% less than whites. and they only share in 3 of the nation's wealth. these are some statistics from the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4